Stop SMA

Henry Cho giving Evie a hug.

Stop SMA is a passion project started in 2009 by Jeff and Dee Horton, with the support of many friends and family. We are on an indefinite hiatus for now, as life has taken us in new directions. The field of treatments for SMA looks far better than it did when we started—there weren’t any in 2009. We’re grateful for that and like to think we had a hand in it.

This page lives on to share a small slice of the fun times and real impact we achieved together with the community. Here are some of our favorite accomplishments.

Thank you

We couldn’t have achieved these wins without the support of our friends, family, sponsors, volunteers, entertainers, and more, all who gave of their time or money to help us reach our goals. We had great community support, with many folks coming out to our events, telling friends, and donating to the cause.

We don’t want to start naming names because we’d be here forever—there are so many people who played a part! But know that we appreciate each and every one of you. It still blows our minds to this day how much generosity was shared with us.


Here is a small selection of photos from some of our events. For more photos, check out our Facebook page.

Laugh Away SMA 2010
Laugh Away SMA 2011
Laugh Away SMA 2012
Laugh Away SMA 2013
Laugh Away SMA 2014
Laugh Away SMA 2015
Stop SMA Golf Classic 2013