Our visit to The Bassell Lab

Bassell Lab
Left to right: Jeff Horton, Claudia Fallini, Wilfried Rossell, Evie Horton, Gary Bassell

In February 2012, Jeff, Dee, Evie, and Jake Horton traveled to Emory University to visit The Bassell Lab. Stop SMA pledged $70,000.00 to The Bassell Lab in August 2011. They met the research team and watched a presentation concerning the research being done on Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It was great visiting with Gary Bassell again and meeting Wilfried Rossell, Claudia Fallini, and the rest of the team members that are working on a cure for SMA.

It was such a special moment, as SMA parents, to thank them personally for their hard work. Evie and Jake had a great time too. The team at Emory made sure there were plenty of toys and candy to entertain the kids. They even got to look in the microscope!