Custom-made blessing

Evie and Caleb chatting at the new table
Evie and Caleb chatting at the new table

Standing is so important for Evie’s development that she spends 2-4 hours in her braces, HKAFOs (Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis), per day. In order for her to endure this time in her braces, she needs to be entertained and feel safe. Evie’s Aunt Letitia (Tisha) has a friend of 15 years, Caleb Dawson, who happens to be the owner of Roscoe Jackson, a furniture company. Caleb is extremely talented in building custom furniture so Aunt Tisha contacted him about building Evie a table that would be safe for her stand within and would grow with her.

Jeff and Dee had a check list of items that they wanted the table to have: a grab bar for her to hold onto, a lip around the outer edge so toys wouldn’t fall off, table legs that were adjustable, and they wanted it to be in a circular shape so she could have play space all around her. Caleb, Jeff, and Dee spoke numerous times to make sure that the table was just right for Evie.

Christmas 2011, Caleb made the 5 hour journey himself to deliver the special table to Evie’s house. To watch Evie stand at this table for the first time and see her face light up was Heaven on earth for them. She LOVED it! Caleb succeeded in making the perfect table for her. To know someone with his unique talent is a true blessing. Jeff and Dee were so touched at his generosity in delivering the table to their doorstep. Watching Caleb witness Evie safely standing and playing at the custom table, with tears in his eyes, was a very special moment. What a great guy, and what a GREAT TABLE!

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