We host an annual comedy show and other fun events to raise support for a singular goal: curing spinal muscular atrophy.

The SMA team gets a photo with comedians Henry Cho and Jon Reep. Jon, Henry, and Reese go with a crazy pose. No one else got the memo.

We are volunteers—family, friends, friends of friends—who work hard and are passionate about funding a cure for SMA as soon as possible. We believe that this can and will happen soon. With the help of nice folks like you, we can achieve our goal. The National Institutes of Health agree, distinguishing SMA from a host of neurological diseases as being closest to a cure.

Spinal muscular atrophy is a terrible disease that can affect any family at any time and everyone needs to know about it. SMA eats away at the strength of the kids who are born with it such that they lose the ability to stand and walk, lift up their arms, hold up their heads, and even smile.

A young toddler naamed Eli, who has SMA type 1. Shown here before the start of Laugh Away SMA 2012, connected to his portable ventilator.

This disease is fatal. In fact, the most severe form of SMA typically kills the child before his or her second birthday. It is the leading genetic killer of young children. One in 40 people carry the gene that causes SMA. And because carriers don’t show symptoms, most people don’t know that they carry the gene until they have a child with SMA. Unfortunately, this happens in one of every 6,000 births.

The more people who know about SMA, the more who can commit to stopping it. We’ve worked with the community to host successful events like Laugh Away SMA, a stand-up comedy show. We host the Stop SMA Golf Classic each fall. We’ve partnered with talented photographers to bring you Picture A Cure For SMA.

Evie, a young girl with SMA type 2, is the daughter of Jeff and Dee Horton, the founders of Stop SMA.

These events and others are critical in raising support for our cause. We use the funds from these events to pay for research, educate the public, and host more events to keep the cycle going.

We need you.

Come out to Laugh Away SMA this year. Participate in the Stop SMA Golf Classic. Come talk with us on a Chic-fil-A night. You’ll have a grand time and you’ll be bringing children all over the world closer to a cure. Consider us for a monthly or one-off donation. If you can’t help us with money, we would be glad to accept your time.

Jon Reep on stage at Laugh Away SMA 2012, microphone in hand, and a bizarre expression on his face.